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As a freelance art educator, I love to get hands-on with groups of art enthusiasts of all ages and all stages of experiences.

My expertise ranges from naturalistic drawing and painting to experimental abstract collage works, to the concepts and theory behind. With a degree in Fine Art and Aesthetic Education, I am confident to tailor my classes according to the needs of each individual group of learners.
I have taught in cultural and communal centres, at management training courses, in pubs, in art studios and at home.

Most of the classes can be adapted to anything between a one-off gathering to a multiple-session program. If you have questions or would like to book a class, just drop me a line in the contact form below. I divide my time between Germany and Scotland and am happy to travel for exciting art classes.*

Here is a selection of popular subjects I have covered in the past.

Drawing Hands

(Pencil drawing)

Drawing hands is an incredibly rewarding experience. Hands can be sensitive, rough, gentle, strong, subtle, bold, withered and gnarly, soft and vigorous. It is essential to understand the anatomy of the human hand in order to represent hands satisfyingly. Drawing hands is one of the most important basic skills of a visual artist. This task does not need to be daunting. I promise that it can be learned – and enjoyed! I can show you how to understand the anatomical construction of hands and l will give instructions how to draw hands in a few simple steps. The photos give an impression of the setup of this class in the cultural centre W1 in Regensburg.

The Symbolism of the Garden


This class is based on a keynote impulse on diversity: I will talk about the principle of symbiosis in the garden, and I will deliver perspectives from art and philosophy. This verbal and visual exploration is the basis for individual consideration by the participants, or for a group discussion, depending on the group’s dynamic.

I can assist you in finding a visual language for your understanding and imagination.

This class is particularly suitable to round off occasions like team building events or staff and management training days. I will provide all materials, including pre-cut collage shapes, as well as the option to cut out new and individual collage shapes during the class.

The Complementary Colour Contrast

(Oil Painting)

Take the plunge into the magic and logic of complementary colours! This workshop is an introduction to colour contrasts. There are so many – light-dark, warm-cold, saturated-pale… But the complementary contrast is the most intriguing of them all, playing us optical tricks and causing much of the fascination of a successful painting. Mastering complementary contrasts is the basis of understanding your palette. While the complementary contrast can seem mysterious at first glance, it obeys to a logic that you can learn. In this class I will cover the basic theory behind the complementary colour contrast, I will show you examples from art history, provide you with your very own colour chart and lead you through a set of related exercises and studies.

The photos are from a session in the Wasps artist studio in Edinburgh.

Gin and Draw: Gin Tasting meets Botanical Drawing

(Diverse drawing techniques)

While sipping your gin & tonic, enjoy a snappy introduction to the history and craft of gin, get inspired by the seasonal botanicals surrounding you, and profit from handy tips and simple steps towards naturalistic drawing.

Combinations of juniper, angelica, coriander, lemon and many more plants make up the gin tasting experience. In this class, we will take a naturalistic approach to drawing these verdures while leaving ample space for experimentation: Appreciating the characteristics of each individual ingredient and feeling how they fuel the taste buds will inspire your very own slant to botanical drawing. What story does the juniper whisper? What does lemon’s tangy fizz symbolise to you?

Taste the gin and draw your experience: We move between a close study of nature and a freestyle jam by your flavour. The photos show the informal set up in the pub Safari Lounge in Edinburgh.

Drawing on Nature: Forage and draw botanicals

(Diverse drawing techniques)

Green spaces, be it urban parks or rural areas, provide us with clean air, repose, and beauty. If you’re lucky, you know where to find your secret little foraging spots.

This drawing class aims to strengthen that bond with our urban or rural flora. We will explore some of the local botanical treasures of the season, find out about their beneficial properties and observe their characteristic features. Let us dig a bit deeper on a sunny late afternoon walk and draw from nature. Please note, for an extended version of this class, this is subject to the collaboration with a local forager to share their knowledge.